Neeson Murcutt Architects

Think Brick Competition

2007 About Face Design Award

Winner of the 2007 Think Brick Competition, our proposal was a housing model for ‘empty-nesters’ and ‘new-nesters’ that addressed housing affordability, housing choice and issues of social interaction, on a recycled suburban site -that of our Five Dock House. The proposal triples the density with three 125m2 two bedroom houses (equivalent area to an average sized terrace) positioned along the boundary opening to a north-east orientation. We propose the medium density low-rise development of existing large suburban lots in well serviced areas, an important way of providing greater suburban density, making suburban lifestyle sustainable.

Featured in:
Houses Issue 81
Architecture Australia vol.98 no.1
Architecture Australia vol.96 no.6
Architecture Bulletin Nov/Dec 2007
Monument Issue 81
About Face 2007